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Well I've had a few machines where Primenet detects them as P4 100mhz equiv to start, assigns them ECM work, and then after a while of ECM work, it realizes that "oh, this is actually a 5 ghz P4 equiv, here, have a doublecheck"

The only machine I had only get ECM work only was an Atom Netbook that I brought on as a test, and it took it days to do one assignment so I retired it.

I started in august, every machine I've brought online (almost 50) has done a few doublechecks then moved on to a LL check.

Oddly, when I bumped everything up to "get 10 days of work" they got confused and heaped on more doublechecks.

Edit: so P-1 Factoring helps weed out things so the LL tests are better, and I should get machines with a ton of ram and make them do P-1 tests?

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