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Originally Posted by irowiki View Post
Wow, that's a lot to digest.

So you're saying doing a P-1 is "quicker" and you do more of them but would give the same credit as doing a longer LL, in the end?

Either way the following (in the blue brackets) furthers the cause?
P-1 will give you approximately the same credit per CPU time as doing LL or PRP. P-1 assignments take less time. P-1 assignment do take a fair amount of RAM though, so if you have less than 1 GB, I wouldn't do them.

If the machines were given ECM automatically, it's probably the best work for them. ECM won't help find new primes, but will help factor numbers we know not to be prime. Some people are interested in that as a sub-project. The LL double check is to check if the hardware is reliable. By default, each machine will do a single LL double check per year. This helps us find unreliable machines so their work can be double checked earlier: there's a reasonable chance a prime has been missed.

Unreliable hardware should only run PRP as it can reliably detect errors and retry, whereas the other jobs cannot.
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