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Originally Posted by irowiki View Post
I notice slow machines get ECM work at first before getting a double check, and if I transfer that ECM work to a fast machine, the fast machine chews right through it.

Is there a benefit to the community/gimps to have a few fast machines chewing out ECM work or should I leave those on LL tests?
ECM factoring is not relevant to the current GIMPS wavefronts of activities related to finding new Mersenne primes: TF, P-1 factoring, LL, PRP, p>80M.

I think the conventional wisdom is PRP & P-1 are the best uses of cpus, and TF the best use of gpus, for advancing the wavefronts and finding the next Mersenne prime.
P-1 assignments complete quicker than PRP or LL (primality tests) on the same hardware. Consequently P-1 is more suitable for slower cpus than primality testing.
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Running a mixed workload is fine, and prime95 makes it easy to do so automatically on multicore machines.
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