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Default what should I post ?

most of what I can think of I probably already have posted somewhere like the trivial results that 2^m{M_n}^2 \equiv M_{n-1}+2^m \pmod {M_{n+m}}

edit: yep so trivial I messed up it's statement. basically I was just using the fact that:
1(2x+1)^2 = 4x^2+4x+1 = x(4x+3)+(x+1)
2(2x+1)^2 = 8x^2+8x+2 = x(8x+7)+(x+2)

which technically is:

2^m{M_n}^2 \equiv M_{n-1}+2^m \pmod {M_{n+m+1}} because m=0 for the 1 case. so this is just a specific case of a more general algebraic fact.

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