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Originally Posted by cheesehead View Post
Expanding on Uncwilly's answer: Prime95 uses the best optimization it has for your computer regardless of whether you ever run a benchmark.

Benchmarks provide data for guiding the future development of optimized code paths for various types of processor, but there's no direct connection between (a) running a benchmark on your computer and (b) your computer's current optimization. If your benchmark provides information for improvement of the optimized path for your particular computer, that will be incorporated in a new release of GIMPS software, but does not make any change in the code of the version you are running.

Prime95 already contains many different code paths that are optimized for various types of CPUs. It selects which one to use based on its reading of the computer it's running on. Unless your computer has a brand new (or very rare) CPU type, Prime95 probably already has, and uses, the optimization for your computer's CPU.
I see a lot Prime 95 knows about my CPU better than me RDTSC,MMX,SSE,SSE2,CMOV, I've looked them up I only see how a few of them could be useful if at all.
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