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Good points, Nucleon...

I agree, exponents without P-1 are too thinly spread in the current DC ranges for the fully automated method, unless a line of normal work is left at the top of the worktodo to be done after the P-1 tests. Maybe the earlier P-1 work by the Mersenne-aries has already filled in most of the gaps?

One way to get P-1 work through PrimeNet might be to find exponents that need P-1 just ahead of PrimeNet's assignments but still in its ranges, add them to the worktodo, & connect manually. PrimeNet will remove any that are assigned to others.

P-1 testing adds to factoring credit, not LL credit, so I guess it depends whether you want to move ahead in one or both rankings. Of course a single P-1 test only gives 0.001 credit! Happy crunching!
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