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Unhappy Automated P-1 thoughts.

Okay I've only done the automated P-1 method two days running, and I don't like it.

Today as an example, I'm running the P-1 checks for 8hrs/day. At the start of the day the client grabs 10 double checks. From the logs, I gather that only one hadn't been previously P-1'd, so the sole P-1 check was completed 90mins into the 8hr cycle, so 6.5hrs is wasted (as I'll terminate the double check LL prematurely)

So if I want to do P-1 checks, I think it's best I'll claim them manually from this forum. It's a pity 'cause I wanted the automatic method to work as I wanted prime credit (Rank 542 and counting) :)

I think I'll leave the automated method for P-1 factors until it's integrated in the prime95 client. (i.e it's just a tick box to select)

-- Craig (account S90106)

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