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If we are going to have new users start with a few doublecheck's before doing the longer LL's, and I agree we should, is there a painless way to display for them how their results compare with the previous test(s)?

Being able to present that kind of feedback when they finish the run would make d.c. work more appealing.

It seems a little strange to have one of the easiest DC apps to install & run, and then expect a windoze dependant newcomer to stumble through downloading a zipped file - trying to extract their exponents with a command line utility - repeating the process with a second or even third file - and finally determining the meaning of their work by which file works.

Perhaps the install could include a utility that the user can run that handles most of it with minimum prompting?

Or when results are processed, a separate file could store double checks younger that a certain date? Or store the last 2000 returned? And why is it when the process determines which of the 3 files to add the results to, no record of that determination is saved or reported back? Even temporarily? It just gets lost among all the other exponents the project has tested.

It makes sense to me that getting the status back should be the final stage in the life of a double check before prime95 is finished with it and removes it from worktodo. Perhaps adding a line like:
StatusCheck=16###037 Res64: 83########7FDEA8.
would cause prime95 to request a status check. The server would look in the status results file, if the exponent was there, the status would be reported. If not, the exponent would be put in the status pending file, and part of the weekly update would be to create/append to the results file using returned results and the pending file.
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