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Originally Posted by Angular
What about making the client look cooler? We could pool some money and higher a graphic designer to design a skin like interface for Prime95. While we are at it how about an updated program name for the next version? For the skin, I was thinking along the lines of WinAmp/Windows Media Player...
Can't agree with you there. Even if we put in the link, info on credits, etc, how often are people really looking at the GUI? A few minutes every day? It's not worth the cost, or the CPU cycles wasted to render it.

Originally Posted by Complex33
My intent at this point was simple changes while we wait for v5 to come online that would hopefully have some use. I'd refrain from major advancements until v5 comes along and provides a basis for more radical changes.
I agree that this would be the better idea. v5 is going to be a radical change by itself and I think we need to concentrate on that more at the moment. However, it may be a good idea to add more drastic changes to the possible list of "To-do's" so that if any require major server influences they can be built in while the new server is still being designed.
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