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I know most of this has been brought up before but I think it deserves a second look. I'd especially like to hear from George on the following.

While we wait on the implementation of the new Primenet Server, I believe there are some simple (hopefully) things that could be done to improve user retention and work throughput. The first is the addition of menu items that link to an individuals account report and account rank. I think this is a good idea because I've seen several posts in the forum of new users asking how they know they have gotten anything done after their first submission. Another idea that has been put forth would be to have Prime95 in its default mode "Request whatever type of work makes most sense", to start the client with one or two double checks. This would have a two fold result: first increasing the rate of DC's and second providing a sufficiently faster result for a new user which would be both encouraging and hopefully catch a few more cycles from those who install the program for a short period of time.

In addition for my own amusement I'd like the status window to include the P90-year credit for each assignment and the total so that I don't have to look it up all the time. Also along those lines I'd love an option for the screen output to include with the per iteration time a P90-year per day/week/month/year option.

Just some thoughts I'd love to hear others.


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