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Originally Posted by Housemouse View Post
How do I delete the work to do files?

I am a computer novice.

Thaks for the help!
In each of the copied Prime95 folders you made, there should be a file called worktodo.ini (it may appear as worktodo if you have file extensions hidden, with something near the file saying Configuration Settings or INI File or the like). Close your copies of Prime95 (you only need to close the ones that are running from the copies you made, the original instance can stay without a problem, but if you don't know which is which, closing all is fine), then delete these worktodo.ini files (by selecting it and pressing the Delete key, or right click and say Delete), then restart your copies of Prime95.
It might be easier to just delete your copies, redownload Prime95 in its .zip format and extract it multiple times to different folders, but you'll have to change all your options for each one.
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