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Default New Arduinos will be STM and not Atmel/Microchip

This is for the "happy me" thread, but it will be lost there.

I self-classify myself as a STM32/ARM Cortex M "expert", (hehe) and therefore I am kind of proud reading articles like this.

I moved from Atmel 8 bits AVR to ARM/Cortex M about 7 or 8 years ago (well, somehow "forced" by our industrial customers at the time, because I really liked AVR and it was difficult to move my ass, I am an old guy who won't change his coat until is completely ragged, but don't tell that to anybody, please ) and I couldn't understand for long time by now, how Arduino could stay, and moreover, be successful, on such a "mega-silly" (pun intended, related to ATmega name) controller. Of course, it was due to their innovative platform (web development, etc, they made it easy for the end-user with no specialized knowledge to use the Arduino boards and write firmware for them), but again, don't tell everybody!

Anyhow, they proved not to be so successful at last, because they had to sell, and we were kinda happy when Microchip bought Atmel, and expected (in vain) some movement from Arduino too, but what they did now, well... the merrier the better...

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