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As far as Clifford goes, he did not have an account here, but did check messages occasionally. I used to email him with regular status updates, but I stopped after he stopped responding. I will have to check at home to see when he stopped corresponding.

Regarding 700128: I was attached to this one since it has the full 2^9 driver in its history. In fact I had concentrated almost exclusively on any sequences that had the 2^9 driver, continuing after an escape from 2^9 until they hit another driver that was going to be too hard to wait for a break on it.

If anyone wants to tackle the c170 blocker on 700128, feel free. I'll have to either plan on a 7-9 month job by myself or buy more hardware to shave some time off that estimate. Unfortunately, 2^7 * 3 * 5 leaves little room for much hope.....
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