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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
At 27M stage 2 is 2.7x faster.

At 9M stage 2 is 5.7x faster.

Stage 2 performance and optimal B2 changes dramatically with amount of RAM available. You are much better off allowing only one worker to do stage 2 at a time. Optimal B2 will probably be in the 100*B1 to 500*B1 range. Consequently, you'll need to shift your strategies somewhat.
Wow; there have been a lot of P-1 improvements since version 30.x.
29.x to 30.3 was about 40% faster overall
30.3 to 30.7 was about 15% faster again.
Now another 200-570% faster .... Amazing.

I have a i5-7820x with 3600 DDR4 RAM that for unknown reasons performs best with 1 Worker x 8 Cores.
I have 20GB RAM allocated to Prime95. This should be exciting.
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