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Originally Posted by axn View Post
Few questions, in no particular order:
1) Why is 30.8 using larger FFTs on these two examples?
2) Is this using GMP-ECM-like stage 2 -- i.e. O(sqrt(B2)) [I think] given sufficient RAM?
3) "It won't work on anything but Mersenne numbers. Won't support save files in stage 2" - Are these statements about the pre-beta build or something inherent about the algo?
1) The algorithm requires "spare bits" in each FFT word. Should you decide to run the pre-beta, turn on round-off checking to make sure I've not made a mistake in estimating the correct number of spare bits required.
2) Yes. Pavel Atnashev and I have been brainstorming about how we can adapt that algorithm for our needs. Two or three bright ideas came together to produce these results.
3) These restrictions apply to the pre-beta.
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