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Default P-1 marked expired when result reported manually

I noticed something odd the other day, and investigated, and found an anomalous server behavior goes back to March 26.

For manually assigned P-1, performed on GPUs in CUDAPm1, and manually reported results, including the proper AID in the report, the result is entered, and the assignment is also recorded as expired, apparently at the same time. I've confirmed this supposition on timing by checking an exponent's status immediately before reporting a no-factor result for it, and rechecking status afterward. See for example where it shows my P-1 result recorded, and an expiration of the P-1 assignment, occurring with the same date. Active P-1 assignments are not indicated as having _any_ expiration date when I look at my current assignments, including immediately before I report a P-1 result manually.

CPU-based Prime95 P-1 results automatically reported through Primenet seem to be fine, not getting marked expired.

I've no information on what occurs if a CPU-based P-1 computation is reported manually, since I haven't any instances of running that way.
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