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Default autotools for Mlucas

Currently, Mlucas uses no makefile because it is relatively simple to build. But since I want to package it for Debian, we need some sort of build system. So I decided to use autotools (autoconf and automake) to build Mlucas.
The tough part is to learn the basics, but thanks to the tutorials (Autotools Mythbuster and video tutorial), I kind of understand them now. The GNU manuals for autoconf and automake are useful but you need to learn the basics first.

OK. So actually I have made 3 files,, and m4/sources_list.m4
( is actually made by using the template created by autoscan after it scans the source code)
Other files are created by running autoreconf -i

1. Fetch the code from git,
$ git clone
2. To build Mlucas type
$ cd mlucas && mkdir build && cd build && ../configure && make
3. To show the help menu,
$ ./mlucas -h 2>&1 | less
4. Currently, make, make clean, make distclean and make dist are tested and worked

FEATURE: (to be added later)

TODO: (to be added later)

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