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Default Seeking help on packaging mprime for Debian

First, I have been a Debian user since New Year. I always want to package some software but was too busy to do so. I think it is the right time now.

Previously, I needed able to build and install libcurl from source to compile mprime because mprime won't compile with the Debian libcurl package (gcc throws errors about undefined references). Then I need to change the Makefile by a bit, linking against the freshly built dynamic library instead of static library to get mprime compiled.

However, I noticed that mprime was not able to connect primenet. I guess it is because some security code relating issues. Perhaps?
So I decide to compile mprime without primenet support since it makes no sense to link against something not working.

I am able to done it just now! To compile mprime without libcurl. Here is my patch.diff generated by git.

1. extract to p95v285.source/
2. goto p95v285.source/gwnum/ and type
$ make -f make64
3. Download and decompress noprimenet.diff.bz2 and put it inside p95v285.source/
4. goto p95v285.source/ and type
$ patch -p1 < noprimenet.diff
5. goto p95v285.source/linux64/ and type
$ make -f makenoprimenet
Let me know if it works!
(I just find out mersenneforum does not support xz yet)
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