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Originally Posted by jFKEe3xV9p View Post
That is the thing. It does not need 2.0 to run it however for what ever reason it has been restricted to only run on 2.0.
I kinda find that hard to believe. What program? When was it designed? Under which SDK was it compiled? Even if it was written and compiled before 2.0 but then recompiled under 2.0 without any changes, it still won't be capable of running, even if you spoofed it. However, if you re-recompiled it again under 1.3, then it will work fine. (In fact even if the program was written after 2.0, recompiling it with the 1.3 SDK might make it work.)

For the record, I don't know how to spoof what compatibility a card reports. However, I do encourage you to post what the software is and when it was written, etc. There might be another workaround.
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