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What do you mean? Compute Compatibility refers to what the hardware is capable of doing.

What card do you have? You can check what it should be reporting at . If you have a card that appears as 2.0 on that list, but appears in a CUDA program to be 1.3, then that means either the program is old and was compiled before CUDA 2 became available, or it means you have old drivers. The current drivers are 295.xx +.

(If you have Windows, you can use this to find your current driver and get new ones, or on Linux you can run "nvidia-smi -q" to find out your driver version.)

Edit: If your card appears on that list as 1.3, then the hardware is just straight up too old/obsolete and will not run with 2.0+ software, so you'll need to get a new one.

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