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I don't think "great things" fits with "contradicts". If you weren't sure what he meant, you should have have asked. Maybe he was trying to tell you to go find out why your idea fails. Maybe your memories have altered the facts since you left school years ago.

If it contradicts everything in the math department, then either your idea is flawed, or all of known math is wrong.
I agree so my apologies for saying great things and contradicts in the same sentence. He wanted me to figure it out on my own. I’m not saying all of math is wrong but maybe it’s time to shift the way we think to clear up confusion. What is really happening if I ask you to explain 1/2=.5? You would most likely reply that I am splitting one thing among two groups so they each get a half. That works 99.9999999999% of the time from I understand. It breaks down at 1/0. When I think about 1/0 I ask if I’m dividing one thing by no things then I should still have 1 thing but I can’t because we have other rules like multiplying both sides by the denominator which is why the original rule breaks down. Maybe my theory is broken but that is why I am here. To discuss it and find out.
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