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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
Would it be too much trouble to count my manual reservation as part of the rally?
I could copy the lresults at the starting time of the rally, then again at the ending time of the rally. I could use scheduled tasks to make it do it precisely at the times. I can send you the difference of the beginning and end files.
My reservation is 530.0-530.6, 400<k<1001. If I could keep doing my manual reservations instead of switching to LLRnet for the rally, it could speed up my reservation by 2 days, plus I won't lose the few % that LLR gets over LLRnet, or have to worry about server or internet problems.
Hmm...well, it might work. After the rally, you could then just send the rally part of your lresults to me, and I could code up a quick Perl script to add lines that say "user=Mini-Geek" and "date=something during the rally" (it wouldn't matter exactly what dates they were, as long as they're somewhere in the rally timeframe, and preferably somewhere closer to the middle so as to not mess up start/end stats). Then I could send the results file (now in LLRnet format) to Karsten, and he can mix it in the bag with all the other rally results.

Gary and Karsten, what are your opinions on this?
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