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Talking LLRnet server rally 400<k<1001 August 8-10

Hi all,

It's time for another LLRnet rally! This one will run for 48 hours, from 7 PM GMT on Friday, August 8, to 7 PM GMT on Sunday, August 10, on our 400<k<1001 servers (though results from 300<k<400 servers will also be counted, as before).

Here's a list of all currently running 400<k<=1001 servers:
server = ""
port = 300
server = ""
port = 400
server = ""
port = 443
server = ""
port = 6 (somewhat full)

Edit (8/10): This rally is now concluded. Thanks to all who particpated!

General info. on setting up a connection to an LLRnet server can be found here. The above info. should be put in the llr-clientconfig.txt file.

Last rally we kept track ahead of time of who was bringing how many machines to which servers, and that turned out to be quite helpful in terms of knowing which servers were close to their limit (and thus avoiding any painful server freezes). I'd like to request that all you do this again, if possible. Please simply state how many machines you're bringing, and to which servers, and I'll mark it down in the following table as we go.

User           Cores              Range preference   Server
Anonymous      2 fast             400<k<=1001        C443 (1) IB400 (1)
gd_barnes      24 fast, 4 slower  400<k<=1001        IB400
Flatlander     4 fast             400<k<=1001        AES300
Lennart        68 fast            400<k<=1001        L6
Mini-Geek      2 slower           400<k<=1001        AES300
(misc)         3-4 fast           400<k<=1001        AES300
(misc)         1-2 fast           300<k<400          IB5000
Total on AES300: 7-8 fast, 2 slower
Total on C443:   1 fast
Total on IB400:  25 fast, 4 slower
Total on L6:     68 fast
Total on IB5000: 1-2 fast
As for about we aim to get all servers up to at least n=530K? Ambitious, I know, but hey, better to aim too high than too low in a thing like this.

Have fun and bring on that firepower!


(@Gary: How about I send an n=2.5K range to each of the C400 and L6 servers? I'm thinking that should be good enough to hold both servers for the duration of the rally, yet without making too much mess for us to clean up after the rally.)

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