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Default suggestion: "check exponent status" page

Since the cleared.txt file is becoming unbearably large, many people don't lake mucking through it.

How about a "look up exponent" function where users can check its status, with results like:

1. "The exponent is not prime and/or is not listed in the database"
2. "The exponent is currently available"
3. "The exponent is currently being tested."
4. "The number has been proven prime."
5. "The number has been proven composite by factoring. The number is divisible by <insert factor>."
6. "The number has been proven composite by the Lucas-Lehmer test. Residue: <residue>"

If the entered exponent is believed to be prime but is being verified, it would result in #6 with the fake residue, even though it would be deceiving.

What do you think of my idea?
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