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Originally Posted by roemer2201 View Post
Hello :-)

I got a PC with a AMD Athlon 1200+ and he recived a relativly huge prime to calculate. One iteration to about 0.405 seconds, if the PC runs 24/7 it would take 219 days... I think it would be better if my CPU calculates a smaller number.
So I want to know how i can stop calculating the current number and recive a new smaller one without deleting the worktodo.ini. And maybe i can recive the GHZ-days for the calculating so far. How can i do that?
What work are you actually doing on it currently? First-time LL tests usually require P-1 factoring, and may also require some trial factoring prior to starting the LL test proper. This preliminary work takes a few hours or days and you will get credit if you finish it.

If you have started the LL test proper, and you do not complete it then the only way to save the work you have done so far would be to find someone else willing to take it on, and send them the save files. They, not you, would then get the credit for the work you did.
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