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Default Changes to srsieve2

Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
This thread is for software downloads and instructions as well as a forum for any related questions on how to run software related to the effort.

Can someone remove srsieve divisible by 2 check? (see, I want to prove the extended Sierpinski/Riesel problems (Finding and proving the smallest k such that (k*b^n+-1)/gcd(k+-1,b-1) (+ for Sierpinski, - for Riesel) is not prime for all integers n>=1), these Sierpinski/Riesel conjectures extended the CRUS Sierpinski/Riesel conjectures to the k such that gcd(k+-1,b-1) (+ for Sierpinski, - for Riesel) is not 1, since k*b^n+-1 is always divisible by gcd(k+-1,b-1), it is simply to take out this factor, however, I cannot use srsieve to sieve the case which k and b are both odd (e.g. it returns ERROR: 13*43^n-1: every term is divisible by 2" for R43 k=13), it can only sieve the case which at least one of k and b are even (e.g. sieve file for R36), can someone remove srsieve divisible by 2 check to let me sieve and reserve the odd Sierpinski/Riesel bases (e.g. S3, currently S3 has these k's remaining: 1187, 1801, 3007, 3047, 3307, 5321, 5743, 5893, 6427, 6569, 6575, 7927, 8161, 8227, 8467, 8609, 8863, 8987, 9263, 9449, see

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