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Default Important concepts to map language onto.

These are the concepts that need to be expanded upon, into easily understood human language.

1. Trust.

2. Entropy.

3. What is a Certificate?

3.1. Certificate Chain?

4. What is a Digital Signature?

5. What is a Digital Credential?

6. What is a Digital Token?

7. What is an Attack Surface?

7.1. What is an Attack vector?

8. Social Engineering.

8.1. Humans are statistically your most likely risk.

8.2. Phishing.

8.3. Spear-phishing.

8.3.1. "Your email box is full. Click here (a tagged URL which is completely different than what is shown in the email) to confirm your account!

9. A discussion about Passwords vs. Passphrases vs. PINs.

9.1. The costs of exhaustive searches.

9.2. Why "123456" is a *really* bad PIN (and yet used by ~12% of all accounts).

10. Salting.

11. One-way hashes.

This post will be edited as we fill in the details, and debate the concepts.

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