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Lennart brought the pharm to the rally! Thanks Lennart! This should make things very interesting between ROLP and Lennart's new PrimeSearch team.


I just did a calculation: We're averaging about 450 pairs/hour on port 9000 right now and we just hit the n=820K-825K range about 2 hours ago. That range contains 18744 pairs.

At that rate, we would dry it in 41.6 hours. Counting forward from 4 AM CDT (which was ~2 hours ago), that would make it just before 10 PM Sun. night (3 AM Mon. morning GMT); 8 hours after the rally is over.

So...we're good for the rally but we should keep a close watch on it in case Lennart or anyone else brings any more cores to it or leaves their cores on well after the rally since that is kind of close.

At ~260 pairs/hour on port 3000 and the fact that we won't hit the n=815K-820K range (18617 pairs) for another 1-2 hours yet, we're good for that port.

It looks like we did good (or just got lucky) on the pairs planning. The objective was to keep the 2 servers reasonably close together to avoid much testing time difference between the ranges for the rally. Port 3000 will end up jumping up to the next n=5K range only about 3-4 hours after port 9000 did.


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