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Originally Posted by ixfd64 View Post
M78253603 has a 0x00000000000000__ residue but is marked as composite. I'm guessing it's really a 0x0000000000000002 residue. Someone look into this?
You guessed right, the masked part is NOT "00". But hey, I can't confirm it was "02" because then you might check in a bogus result with that same residue and "verify" it.

What's odd is that it wasn't marked suspect... I vote that when a residue comes in like that, it should be marked suspect no matter what errors it reported during the run...clearly the end result is in error no matter what the program thought.

EDIT: The same user has more of those all in the past few weeks... here's their full list of badness:

It makes me suspicious of their other result with a normal looking residue: M78253627

And if you're in the mood for these types of things, here's a bonus one from a different user last November:

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