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I'm so confused on what software I need to run and how to run it. I downloaded misfitCULU, gpu72workfetch and mfaktc. I did the self test on mfactc and wrote a small .cmd file to run it and it works fine and it's running in a window. I tried using misfitCULU, but it doesn't display any processes running in the dialog and the work progress isn't showing anything. I put my userid in the mfaktc.ini file. I also put my user id and password in the GPU72Config.txt file and left the other stuff alone. I put all of this in the same directory, but I'm not sure that's correct. I have one graphics card GTX 750ti. I'd like to participate in the GPU to 72 project, but I really don't understand how to do that. Can someone please help me?
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