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Originally Posted by garo View Post
A colleague at my university is writing some software to analyze decision-making in a virtual community.
Looks like an interesting idea.

Basically I am asking if people in the community object to forum data being used for this kind of research. The data will be fully anonymized before being given to him so absolutely no personal details - not even forum ids will be revealed.
Some of us have mentioned personal details in postings. (Perhaps that was unwise of us, since they are accessible by the whole Web, but we might have had a delusion that only the mersenneforum community would pay any attention. For myself, I've considered the possibilities and decided that I can live with having revealed what I've posted.) Is there a method of scrubbing such posted details?

"Fun Stuff" and "Extra Stuff" subfora (at least, "Soap Box" and "Miscellaneous Math Threads") should be excluded from what is provided for the research. My guess is that most posted personal details would be in those areas.
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