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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he was 'misled' about the Uvalde shooting police response
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said during a press conference in Uvalde that he was "misled" about the police response to the shooting at the Robb Elementary School.

He said the information that he provided at a press conference two days ago was a recitation of what law enforcement had told him in a room beforehand.

He said he's livid that some of that information has turned out to be wrong and he expects law enforcement to thoroughly investigate what happened.
Col. Steven McCraw of the Texas Department of Public Safety said at a Friday news conference that in hindsight it was the wrong decision to not enter the classroom sooner in Uvalde, Texas, where a gunman was located for more than an hour.

He said there were "plenty of officers" inside the school from the earliest minutes of the shootout, and as many as 19 officers from local and federal forces were in the hallway most of the time.
McCraw also provided more information about how the shooter was able to gain access to the building: A teacher left the school to get her cell phone when she heard the nearby car crash and shots, but then as she re-entered, she propped the door open. The gunman had been hiding behind a car nearby, he said.
There's a term to describe this sort of thing. Cluster something-or-other. This one is Texas-sized.
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