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Default IBM's Deep Blue beats Gary Kasparov

25 years ago, on May 11. 1997, a match of man vs machine started when IBM's Deep Blue beat GrandMaster and World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov. The match was actually quite close. Kasparov took the first game and Deep Blue took the second. The next three were draws. The match ended with Deep Blue winning the next and last game.
This match is often erroneously used as an example of AI but Deep Blue simply used massive brute force to win,
analyzing over 200 million moves per second. No AI heuristics played a part.
It should be mentioned that chess playing computers existed as early as the 1950s, but were very weak.

The first commercially available chess playing computers became available about 1977.
These were weak too but dramatically advanced in the 1980s as faster microprocessors and cheaper memory became available.
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