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Originally Posted by WraithX View Post
Not sure how much this will help, but here are some notes from the gmp-ecm file:
To use the autotools:

$ libtoolize
$ autoheader
$ aclocal
$ automake -c -a
$ autoconf
$ ./configure --with-gmp=<directory_where_gmp_is_installed>
$ make
$ make check

Alternatively, you can simply type:

$ autoreconf -i
$ ./configure --with-gmp=<directory_where_gmp_is_installed>
$ make
$ make check
Perhaps some combination of the first group of instructions will help? :fingerscrossed: At least until someone more knowledgeable chimes in.
Andreas got back to me. The magic incantation is "autoreconf -vfi". A "git reset --hard" afterwards is advisable too.
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