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Default POST PRIMES you've found here, and name or prover code

First post your prime at this forum by using the notation as
15k on the left, and n on the right.
For example

146865 109584 is prime!
__ ___

Shane F. L9

Now you also must submit this to Chris Calwell's "top 5000" Database.
If this is your first prime you have found, and you dont have a prover code create a new bio and then email stating what program you are using, and ask him to add 15k to your new prover code.
If you have a old prover code already, email stating what program you are using and that you need a new code that includes 15k.
Once you have a new prover code prime numbers are sent here:
Submit Primes to the top 5000 database

You must use the full notation of 15k*2^n-1.
So, just insert your 15k, and n into the above equation.

If you decide to quit a particular k, note what n was the last tested by inserting it into parenthesis ie, (155000)