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Originally Posted by tanaydin View Post

I want to force it until any factorization found for 2^1277-1

I'm getting it by "manual assignment" but I'm not sure if this is correct, how can I be sure that my computer will solve it someday?


To your questions:

Will your computer solve it someday? Maybe; someone will.
By you? As good as chance as anyone else working on it.
In your lifetime? Maybe, maybe not. (Serious)

ECM assignments are about the only option now that TF and P-1 have been done VERY VERY high.
Unless you completely understand ECM you are best to accept the Manual Assignment as is.

The very last term in the assignment is the number of ECM curves to run.
This is the only term you can confidently change.
Increase it if you want it to run longer before you have to get another assignment;
Decrease it if it takes longer to complete than you would like.

But understand that even running all 360,000 curves at the current range has a pretty small chance of finding a factor (I think about 7%)

Anyway please don't let me discourage you; someone will find it someday.

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