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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
For a large range of n, it probably isn't as practical for gfndsieve. That program excels with a large range of k.

I just need the input files that are causing it to crash. Please post them here or send a link via e-mail or PM so that I can determine if the current version has the issue.
I have no other files, than the sequence list, but I tried rerunning - again - and now have some data for you:

Sequence file is: K-list.txt (contains 32 k's remaining for SG conjecture - should be attached)

srsieve2 is version 1.1 and is started using following entry in commandprompt:

srsieve2 -P 10e9 -W 4 -w 10000000 -s"K-list.txt" -n 1 -N 100e6

It starts well, but at unknown point it starts taking up almost 4 GB of RAM, short before the final mod error message... the data from commandprompt is here:

Sieving with generic logic
Sieve started: 2 < p < 1e10 with 3200000000 terms (1 < n < 100000000, k*2^n+c) (expecting 3103670401 factors)
p=109, 0.262 p/sec, 2298312447 factors found at 3.571M f/sec, 0.0% done.
39*2^3-1 is prime!
p=389, 0.787 p/sec, 2477042934 factors found at 3.464M f/sec, 0.0% done. ETC 2619-11-27 03:30
279*2^1-1 is prime!
351*2^1-1 is prime!
387*2^1-1 is prime!
399*2^1-1 is prime!
Sieving with generic logic
Split 32 base 2 sequences into 4149 base 2^360 sequences.
Fatal Error: 387*2^25206-1 mod 809 = 297ctors found at 3.101M f/sec, 0.0% done.

The exact same happens, if I use a deeper sieved .abcd file. It starts and then stacks a lot of RAM before exiting with a mod error :(

It should not be on your top priority list to make a new siever, since I have gotten something working in regard of testing the n<=100M range for the 32 k's for SG, using sr2sieve, but for the future users it sure would save them some troubles if there were a dedicated siever made for variable n and various amounts of fixed k's sieving for SG.
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