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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
Send me the file that crashes srsieve2.

I'm trying to understand your goal. Are you trying to find the smallest n that yields an SG prime for each k? I was thinking of the search over at PrimeGrid where they are searching for SG primes with a specific bit length (or small range of them).

gfndsieve is the best sieve for b=2 and c=+1 as it sieves for a range of n and k. One could let it sieve to some prime to eliminate SG candidates because k*2*n+1 has a factor. One could then manipulate the output file with a script to convert k and n (for 2*(k*2^n+1)-1) then re-run gfndsieve starting at p=3. When done, convert k and n back.
It crashed srsieve2 version (older version - something with .20) - when the input was a file containing the sequences remaining in a file with same structure as srbase pl_Remain.txt file. It didn't help to try and sieve from around p=102M to p=10G - it still crashed.

Yes, I'm trying to find a SG prime for each k not yet having one. Since there is 32 k's remaining, they just like srbase does, have to be fixed, while the n range covers a lot of n.

It seems sound, what you suggest, but it still doesn't remove the n's that are looners and maintain in the output file or am I missing something (most likely)?
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