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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
Hmm. Which compiler are you using? Is it the current version of that compiler? That is a protected method in App.h, so a child class should be able to call it. What if you change App.h to make it public?

The first link you provided only has OpenCL headers. What OpenCL libraries are you linking against? Can you compile and link with the headers then it fails at runtime? If so, then I suspect the libraries to be an issue. If you cannot compile or link, it could be an issue with the code.
I am using MinGW

The first opencl link has both .lib and header files
I cannot find AMD SDK online. The one I could find was for openGL.
The code compiles fine but crashes on runtime. All cl apps crash for me (eg afsieve etc - so it has more to do with the header/lib than the code)

Any other SDK you can recommend?
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