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Originally Posted by Citrix View Post
You need to add gcwsievecl to

GPU_PROGS=afsievecl mfsievecl gfndsievecl pixsievecl xyyxsievecl

Compiles for me and at least I get
"gcwsievecl.exe -p 3770000000000 -P 4000000000000 -b 2 -n 825 -N 1000 -s +
gcwsieve v1.2, a program to find factors numbers of the form n*b^n+1 and n*b^n-1
Sieve started: 377e10 < p < 4e12 with 0 terms (825 <= n <= 1000, n*2^n+1) (expecting 0 factors)"

Then it crashes.
Hmm. Doesn't crash for me. Did you do a "make clean" before "make gcwsievecl"?

But I think I introduced another bug somewhere else as it was hanging on me.

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