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Anyway or except, but getting a lot of opened tabs here for that of opened, or such a thing, and also reporting a couple of numbers with or at PrimeGrid.

C74 = 26941811119629528593305373922289106244557147635172804150567045597504963417

C83 = 30549712044281597772395605192292689494730887363710666477127645162346635385324839199

C96 = 236755196167511079419699759126557370025763669352258004657003126357150539538519582784837795777819

Here those three numbers for only being composite, and all could be hiding quite decent numbers, for just factors inside.

The problem is that they could be really small, except still needing ecm for that of testing, when only "borking" for just the standard method here instead.

Here I am getting two separate P36 factors at first, when also different from each other, but could be a C121 just remaining, for that of the end.

The problem here, namely do I know it already, and the factors became reported only separately, and here I perhaps do not know.

I get to a P20 for that of an intermediate result just here, except not knowing for only the answer it belongs, for that of result.

Remaining number becomes a C74, and here still not any completed, for only result.

Perhaps we better should know, but if just keying in the C74, it could be listed as only being composite.

I will need just editing that above, when also that of end result.

Anyway, or OK, for just testing the C96 with another number or factor just known, and it becomes "off the record".

The problem here is just "fiddle" for only just meant, except still only ecm here for just getting at it, and also a sense that it could be quite good factors.

Reporting it when having it just here, except only in bed just in the meantime, but again thinking it should be quite good or decent factors here.

Nam, nam, problem is that I could be having more good factors here just up the sleeves, for not any P36 versus P45 it should be either.

Not only just wait a minute for that of result, and also such a thing you could be waiting for when that of end game, or at least numbers.

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