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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Already left you behind!
Related to that, there is a funny story to tell. The day before yesterday, after I dropped in a bunch of results, and you also stopped doing your work, the ETA jumped from 4 days to 2 days. And I said yeaaaa... lucky me. But then, yesterday, without your numbers advancing at all (you still had like 117.8k GHzD in that table, more or less), the ETA jumped back to 5 days. And I was scratching my head and said WTF?? What magic/voodoo did you do?
Then I saw my score dropped from 117.1 to 116.3 and I realized that a large chunk of work that I did last year this time, dropped out of the top (it became older than 365 days). And I said, doh, well, I will have to freaking work five more days... ...
But then today your score jumped backwards too, to 117.4 which you still have, haha, while mine reached 117.7
It seems you also did some work last year about this time, which just dropped out of the 365-days top.
Lots of fun...
I am going for Kriesel

Feel free to grab 35.3 next if you are still bored

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