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The GPU72 project has an option to do trial factoring with Google's Colab offering. Basically, you just open a web browser and GPU72 does trial factoring for you on Google's hardware. The setup is quite simple! Eventually, the session will end and you'll have to wait 24hrs for Google to give you more GPU time, but that's the price for it being free.

The front page of GPU72 has instructions. Also this thread is useful:

(Note: all of this is found in Kriesel's linked thread, but there is a lot to unpack there)
I have an old Chromebook that is past its AUE and it just runs Colab, but I turn off the GPU and set the Runtime to NONE, that way it only runs P-1. I found that when I set it to use GPU, it times out, often after only an hour or so, due to inactivity.

However, when I set it to use CPU only, it runs for 12 hours exactly before it stops. So I only have to restart it twice a day. as opposed to GPU which might stop after an hour, and then it won't let me use another GPU anyway for a day or so.
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