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Originally Posted by windowfrog View Post
Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
Welcome. Some background info can be found here
The i7-7500U is ok for first time checks with patience. PRP preferred, not LL, because of stronger error checking.
For P-1 on prime95, you'll need to reset its memory allowance from the default paltry MB to something reasonable like 8000. Match the day and night settings to each other.

The i7-7500U has an igp, on which you could consider running mfakto to do some small TF assignments. Doing so would cost about half the prime95 throughput, but produce more computing credit overall. That also takes patience, since this igp is less than 1% the speed of an RTX2080. Yes 100+ times longer.
Core2 is rather costly to operate per unit throughput. I down mine for the summer. It's marginal economics in the winter when there is heating benefit.

I have systems on which I run GIMPS software 24/7, including laptops. It's easier to just let them run continuously, but costs more for electricity. I think it has little or no effect on hardware life. One is a 10 year old i3-370M.

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