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After i replaced platform.h:

[linux1@lorenzoibm mlucas-14.1]$ ./mlucas

    Mlucas 14.1

INFO: testing qfloat routines...
CPU Family = S390x, OS = Linux, 64-bit Version, compiled with Gnu C [or other compatible], Version 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-4).
INFO: Using inline-macro form of MUL_LOHI64.
INFO: MLUCAS_PATH is set to ""
INFO: using 53-bit-significand form of floating-double rounding constant for scalar-mode DNINT emulation. 
INFO: testing IMUL routines...
INFO: System has 2 available processor cores.
INFO: testing FFT radix tables...
 looking for number of threads to use in nthreads.ini file...
Using NTHREADS = #CPUs = 2.
 looking for worktodo.ini file...
 worktodo.ini file found...checking next exponent in range...
ERROR: at line 245 of file ./src/get_preferred_fft_radix.c
Assertion failed: CONFIGFILE = mlucas.cfg: open failed!
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