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Originally Posted by alexvong1995 View Post
Hi Ernst,

I have added 2 new CPU_TYPE CPU_IS_S390 and CPU_IS_S390X to platform.h, does it passes the spot-check and self-test on your VM? The platform.h I use is the old one on my repo, not the one you have just posted . I will rebase my change on the latest platform.h if it works.

By the way, could you post the latest version of get_fft_radices.c on your dev branch? I think I run into the duplicate case problem reported by Batalov when building with singlethread.

Thanks people!
Alex, I integrated your additions into my latest, and also made a few tweaks to my yesterday work - the 3 predefines to "Unknown" (in place of the previous #undef) I used lead to preprocessor warnings on platforms where the variables do end being set to a specific platform-associated value:
../platform.h:1222:10: warning: 'CPU_NAME' macro redefined
        #define CPU_NAME "x86_64"
../platform.h:130:9: note: previous definition is here
#define CPU_NAME                        "Unknown CPU name"
so I fiddled those to set to the "unknown" values only if they are still undef'd by the time we reach the end of the platform.h file.

But note I fubared my key-creation on the cloud, so to save time was using Serge's already-setup image with his unzip of the 14.1 packaged code. He has since blown his stuff away. If your instance is still up, could you try auto-build with the merged platform.h file attached below?

Thanks, and happy lunar new year! I guess the celebrations have already started in Asia. (Or will within the next few hours.)
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