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I'm not sure why it wouldn't work -- some vagary with cmd.exe perhaps? -- but -ns is very certainly in the docfile, in plain sight too I should think. What's the exact error message? Post all the output from the command, not just the command itself please.

NFS BEHAVIOR OPTIONS - configuring phases to run
general info: if none of these options are specified, yafu will perform all of
them in order (poly search, sieving, filter, LA, sqrt). On restarts, the set
of phases performed is automatically determined by yafu and depends on the state
of one or more saved files associated with the input number. If any of the
following 5 options are specified, only those phases will be performed; checks
against saved files will still be in place (i.e., refusal to overwrite data files)

-np [X,Y] Perform poly search step within nfs(). NOTE: any existing
poly files will be overwritten. Optionally, provide a range of
leading coefficients over which to search in the format: start,stop
-ns [X,Y] Perform sieving step within nfs() if a valid job file exists
for the input number and if the input number is the same as
that specified in an existing data file. Optionally, provide
a range of special Q over which to sieve in the format: start,stop
-nc Perform postprocessing step within nfs(), starting with
-nc2 Perform postprocessing step within nfs(), starting with
linear algebra
-nc3 Perform postprocessing step within nfs(), starting with sqrt

-lathreads <num> Use specified number of threads for linear algebra only. If
not specified, 'threads' threads are used (which defaults to 1).
-a Use special Q on the algebraic side within nfs()
-r Use special Q on the rational side within nfs()
-job <name> Name of input file in nfs - use a file other than ggnfs.job
as the input job file.
-o <name> Name of output file in nfs() - use a file other than
msieve.dat as the output data file
-ggnfsT <num> Timeout to apply to nfs() command, in seconds (default = infinity)
-psearch <name> Specify method of parallel polynomial selection with N threads:
'fast' - divides the search time by N (default)
'wide' - normal time deadline, search N times the
leading coefficient range
'deep' - normal time deadline, search every leading
coefficient with N threads
Note that when N = 1, this option has no effect.
-pbatch <num> Size of blocks of leading coefficients to distribute during
NFS polynomial selection. Default is 250.
-R Must specify in order to restart when a previous savefile exists
-siever <num> Specify the ggnfs siever version to use, where <num> is
the integer in the default ggnfs siever name. I.e,
-nt <file1>,<file2>... Perform automated trial sieving of the listed job files (then exit)
(yafu will fill any missing ggnfs parameters as necessary)
-testsieve <num> Number of digits beyond which yafu will test sieve the top
3 polynomials discovered by snfs (default: 140)

These flags are ignored when redirecting input to yafu.

These same flags can be specified in a file named yafu.ini in the same
directory as the executable. Put <flag>=<value> pairs on single lines
of the file to override default values. Command line arguments will override
both default values and anything in the .ini file. An example yafu.ini
should have been included along with the binary in the downloadable package.

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