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Default Starting NFS skipping poly select

After msieve was taking too long in poly select (it suggested 28 hours for a c134! There must be a way to reduce this limit...) I decided to try to skip the remaining poly select and continue factorization.

I pasted this into my ggnfs.job
n: 54924630630496187046668371273222397725206189899297615388925385635035571650502651626948202319614694312654201876877038310590170823254001
skew: 1690270.78
c0: -15305201708300775228557787741164385
c1: -165318285868635772787959977207
c2:  106151669952841815430851
c3:  325771522196209143
c4: -29833205554
c5:  3120
Y0: -111975992242728408345401284
Y1:  324838456418611
YAFU gave me after trying nfs()
Please set all bounds to reasonable values!
cat rels0.dat: No such file or directory
could not open rels0.dat for reading
Any ideas on what I can do? I copied the info from the last polynomial in msieve.dat.p (I don't remember if YAFU uses msieve.fb, but that file wasn't there)
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