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Default runtime error when using redc

I have a problem when I use ecm under windows (both win32 and win64 Bit version).

I have started ecm with the following commandline:

ecm.exe -v -pp1 5000 <test.txt >>out.txt

test.txt contains only the following line:


The output at the time of the crash is:

GMP-ECM 6.2.3 [powered by GMP 4.2.1_MPIR_1.1.1] [P+1]
Input number is 168451*2^6730668+1 (2026139 digits)
Using REDC
Using B1=5000, B2=287928, polynomial x^1, x0=982738599
P = 525, l = 512, s_1 = 240, k = s_2 = 1, m_1 = 3

When I run ecm with the following line everything runs without a problem:

>ecm.exe -v -pp1 -mpzmod 5000 <test.txt

Is there a known problem with the "redc" code or what did I do wrong?
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