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Originally Posted by Dylan14 View Post assignment: MM127, k range 562949953421312 to 1125899906842623 (178-bit factors)
Starting trial factoring of MM127 in k range: 562949953421312 to 1125899906842623 (178-bit factors)
k_min = 562949953421312
k_max = 1125899906842623
Using GPU kernel "mfaktc_barrett183_M127gs"

Cool. Did the posted Arch build include the expanded 2047M GpuSieveSize? Might want to aim higher, in your test run, for ranges of k and selection of kernel likely to be run in the future, since MM127 TF to 185 bits was completed months ago.
Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
[Fri Sep 04 18:24:46 2020]
UID: kriesel/emu/gtx1650, no factor for MM127 in k range: 140000000000000000 to 144115188075855871 (185-bit factors) [mmff 0.28 mfaktc_barrett185_M127gs]

145P ETA <7 days
Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
[Thu Sep 10 22:15:10 2020]
UID: kriesel/emu/gtx1650, no factor for MM127 in k range: 144115188075855872 to 145000000000000000 (186-bit factors) [mmff 0.28 mfaktc_barrett188_M127gs]
Info header was
mmff v0.28 (64bit built)

Compiletime options
  THREADS_PER_BLOCK         256
  MORE_CLASSES              enabled

Runtime options
  GPU Sieving               enabled
WARNING: Cannot read GPUSievePrimes from mmff.ini, using default value (82486)
  GPUSievePrimes            depends on worktodo entry
  GPUSieveSize              2047M bits
  GPUSieveProcessSize       16K bits
  WorkFile                  worktodo.txt
  Checkpoints               enabled
  CheckpointDelay           300s
  StopAfterFactor           disabled
  PrintMode                 full
  V5UserID                  kriesel
  ComputerID                emu/gtx1650
  TimeStampInResults        yes

CUDA version info
  binary compiled for CUDA  10.10
  CUDA runtime version      10.10
  CUDA driver version       10.20

CUDA device info
  name                      GeForce GTX 1650
  compute capability        7.5
  maximum threads per block 1024
  number of mutliprocessors 14 (unknown number of shader cores)
  clock rate                1710MHz
Edut: maibe ficks tha mipselling tu.

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